Tirta Ayu Hotel - Tirtagangga

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tirta ayu hotel
Tirta Ayu is located in one of the most special places in the east of Bali. Located in the region Tirtagangga water palace, the former kingdom of Karangasem. A water park is surrounded by beautiful rice fields, and the sea visible in the distance.
Beautiful morning can be filled with activities on foot in a traditional Balinese village environment. It is said that if someone is bathing in the waters Tirtagangga on the full moon, one is blessed with eternal youth and all illnesses will be cured.

Water Garden Hotel - Candidasa

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water garden hotel
Is the most romantic boutique hotel and spa in the east of Bali and at five other hotels. Traditional thatched-roofed cottages are decorated with carved Balinese style, koi fish ponds, lotus flowers.
Modern facilities combined with exotic charm. Watergarden is a place where love develops in a beautiful tropical garden.